Thursday, May 19, 2011

Complete Back Cover Copy

Check out the complete back cover copy for Sword of the Gods, which doesn't appear on Amazon or in other places marketing the book. Which is a shame, because it's distinctly good:

Demascus wakes up on the cold stone slab of an ancient altar. He doesn't know who he is. he doesn't know where he's from. He doesn't even know his own name until a stranger tells it to him. But someone--or something--wants to kill him. This he knows with the certainty of the grave.

At the same time, a demon from a dead universe, a gift from the Chained God, is freed from its fossilized prison. Its essence takes root in the nightmare reality of the living, sparking a transformation once thought halted by forgotten heroes.

Demascus is the last of those forgotten heroes. He alone knows the havoc that will follow in the demon's wake. And he is all that stands between the light of the world and the phantasmagorical torments of the Abyss.

But Demascus keeps secrets . . . sometimes even from himself.

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