Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Welcome Readers

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about Sword of the Gods!

A few quick bits to get out of the way first; if you just want to buy the book, click on the link to the right; you can get a physical copy or a kindle ebook from that link.

Further down the right sidebar, you'll find various other resources on the novel, including reviews, behind-the-scenes commentary, wiki entries on some of the main characters of the book, and other articles and reviews as they go live.

I'll use this main blog entry to introduce new elements to this page as they occur--for instance, when a certain Backdrop article goes live, I'll create a stand-alone post here, and link it on the right hand sidebar under resources.

This is also a good place to comment and ask me questions about the novel.

Stay tuned for a post about e-signing, and how to get a full-color electronic photo of the Sword of the Gods novel cover.

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